The Problem

To create and release any app, you need people!


App Developers

To develop and publish your app on Apple App Store and Google Play Store


UI/UX Designers

To design the look and feel of your mobile, tab, or desktop application


Backend Developers

Develops and maintains the cloud backend services hosted on a server

Our Solution

Can their job be done by software instead?

Introducing AutoCode - an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) with a service-oriented cloud & network backend


IDE / Integrated Development Environment

Our IDE allows you to create their own UI, configure the network and programming parameters, and subsequently publish their app - all in one place!

  • Create workflows with wireframes in a drag-and-drop manner
  • Configure animations and networking parameters
  • No server programming required for managing backend

Templates / UI/UX Design Templates

We have created templates specific to your business needs, which you can directly import and start configuring to launch your app.

  • Eg: Hyperlocal services, chatbots, smart homes, etc
  • Also includes 3D templates for AR/VR apps
  • Import custom templates in PSD, PNG, PDF, or OBJ format

Cloud / Platform as a Service

All the backend logic to maintain connections, databases, uptime and server maintenance is handled by our hybrid cloud.

  • No need to hire DevOps to maintain servers
  • Auto-scaling and state-of-the-art security
  • Open APIs available for extended functionalities

Publish it in more than 18 platforms

Our IDE allows you to release your app in more than 18 platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, Web, HoloLens, Oculus, and Magic Leap.

  • Manage all your releases in one place
  • Monitor your progress and user interactions
  • Release app updates on all platforms altogether
See AutoCode in action


Save thousands of dollars on developer salaries

Per Month
  • Desktop IDE
  • 18 Platforms
  • In-app Templates
  • Custom Scripts
  • Custom Templates
Per 1,000 API Hits/month
  • Web Dashboard
  • API Management
  • Custom API Extensions
  • Release Management
  • DevOps Management


Drives the business, tech, and product decisions. Featured in the inaugural Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia in 2016. Also, composes and produces music under the alias Yuvbot
Yuvraj Tomar - CEO
Has developed and maintained 20+ IaaS and PaaS solutions. IoT-stack technologist with equal proficiency in firmware. Also, a hardcore gamer and travel enthusiast
Pushpahas Bettad - CTO

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